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Cubs to Lions 2019

LMT & Partners Event

Date / Monday-Friday / August 12-16 / 2019

Location / Vancouver, BC

Cubs to Lions is a Horizons International event designed specifically for both new and mature believers from Muslim backgrounds. Participants receive solid personal teaching from Middle Eastern teachers that will help new believers grow into solid, mature Christians and train mature believers to become disciplers and teachers. Horizons understands the numerous challenges faced by Christians from a Muslim background. Adjusting to a new community, facing persecution, and developing a Christian worldview are only some of the many issues covered in our training. Coming to Christ is exciting. Remaining in Christ is difficult. Why? Because living the Christian life requires a transformation of our minds, hearts, and lifestyles, which require discipline and training. Cubs to Lions attendees will learn biblical answers for the real and unique problems they face. 

Cubs to Lions covers many topics such as:

  • Christian Worldview
  • Disciplines of the Christian life
  • How to read and study the Bible
  • How to deal with your family and friends
  • Gaining a heart for the world.

If you work among Muslims or know a Christian from a Muslim background, please encourage them to register for this outstanding course. If you are a discipler and would like to bring converts with you to Cubs to Lions, you may attend for an additional fee. All course materials may be used to disciple and work with others after the training is complete.

Register Now! Space is limited:

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