Membership Benefits

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The Network is a learning community. Members are experienced and knowledgeable about Muslims in Canada and are happy to share with you. Allow your perspective and understanding to be enlarged by what God is doing through others. Gain from their ideas and as you grow in experience and knowledge you can contribute back. 

Together, we offer: 

  • Webinars 
  • Research data 
  • Training courses: online and in-person  
  • Regular updates in the monthly LMT Network Digest  
  • Resources in the LMT virtual library  
    * (including resources like books and webinar recordings) 


Together, our LMT network knows the story of Muslims in Canada. Together, our LMT network is engaged with the Muslim community across Canada. Together, our LMT network can respond to opportunities, multiply impact, identify gaps and build momentum and stability.  

Together, we offer: 

  • Prayer resources and online gatherings 
  • Events 
  • Our online LMT Forum (hyperlink) 
  • Coaching connections 



Join the vision of every Muslim in Canada being companioned in a journey of discovery of Jesus Christ. Join a uniquely Canadian community of shared passion and purpose. You bring a missing piece to this Network—your voice will influence our future. We are better together. 

Together, we: 

  • Align ourselves with LMT’s vision 
  • Share what we’re doing within the Network 
  • Promote our initiatives within the Network and to the larger community.  
  • Member’s ministries can be listed on the LMT website and featured in the LMT Network Digest  

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Individual Member

The Network is a web of people, groups and organizations who share a common passion that every Muslim in Canada would discover the grace, freedom and forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ. You are not alone! The Network is a hub of experience and information. Tap in!

Small Groups Member

Informal small groups are sprouting across Canada as Christ-followers find ways to connect and flourish in their context. Connect to others who are gathering to pray, reach out, and grow. The Network is a hub of experience and information. Tap in!

Large Groups Member

Diaspora ministry is a growing focus of churches, denominations, and ministry organizations. Connect with others exploring and growing in engaging the Muslim diaspora in Canada, and take the opportunity to highlight your work. The Network is a hub of experience and information. Tap in!