June 2022

June 6, 2022

To Help you Pray this month for your Local Mosque Community.

I was born and raised in a very strict Muslim family in Bangladesh. I did all my due diligence and followed the religion of Islam with all my heart and soul. I always seeked Allah (God) and wanted to know him more personally in my life. But I never found Him in my daily devotions, in mosque, at home, in different rituals or festivals.

Finally, through an intercessory prayer, God revealed His mercy to me through His son, our Lord Jesus Christ in 1990. I was looking for Allah, he never responded to me. But Jesus Christ, the holy one, the anointed one, the resurrected one, the living one, the savior of the world responded to me, spoke to me personally and confirmed me that He loves me, He sacrificed His life on the cross for me and He wants me to follow Him. So, I made a commitment of faith to follow Almighty God's only son, Jesus Christ of Nazareth, as my personal savior and Lord for the rest of my life.

I thank God for the opportunity He gave me to share the good news with the love of my life, my wife before we got married. She was also born and raised in a very strict Muslim family. It was very hard for her to leave her faith. But love always wins the heart, remember? The love of God that He showed through His son Jesus Christ on that rugged cross really won my wife's heart. She gave her life to Jesus Christ on July 20, 1993 and was baptized by the same church I went named "Gethsemane Baptist Church" in Bangladesh.

We have two young adult children and they have also accepted Jesus Christ as their personal savior and Lord. Please join in prayer with us as we want to see them professing their faith publicly through water baptism as soon as God wills.

We are members of a English congregation named "Scarborough Baptist Church", where I serve as a core group leader. God gave me a desire in my heart to gather my people, Bengali speaking people together and form an ethnic Bengali church since we landed in Toronto, Canada. I praise and thank God, we now have two unofficial Bengali churches in Toronto.

By the grace of Almighty God, I have been serving as a deacon of (BCT- Bangla Church Toronto) since 2015 and have been elected as one of their pastors recently. Since, most of our participants are members of a local English congregation and BCT is not a registered church yet, we meet once a month as a church at (SBC- Scarborough Baptist Church) and conduct bible study other three weeks over zoom.

May God bless all of you and use you all for the glory of His kingdom.


Prayer Items:

  • Please join with us in prayer, as we are seeking to have a registered full fledged Bengali church in Scarborough with full time pastor, weekly services, bible study, Sunday schools, home gatherings and other activities.
  • Please pray for the Bangladeshi Muslim community in Toronto. According to P4N (Pray for the Nations), there is an estimate 23,400+ Bangladeshi Muslims in Toronto. 
  • Pray that God raises up GTA Jesus followers to meet and pray for Bangladeshi Muslims, read the Bible with them, and share meals together.
  • Pray that God brings at least one gospel-centered Christian friend into the life of each  GTA Bangladeshi Muslim’s life & find ways to serve them.
  • Pray that believers who have any training in evangelism to Muslims (e.g., Al Massira, Bridges, Engaging the Nations booklet etc) will be burdened to reach out to GTA’s Bangladeshi Muslims.
  • Pray for Bangladeshi Muslims to have visions and dreams of Jesus that lead to salvation.

*For more inforamtion about Bangladeshi Muslims please visit Pray for the Nations Bangladeshi Muslims


About Loving Muslims Together

Loving Muslims Together exists because God’s love, demonstrated through Jesus Christ, is for Muslims. We function as local networks across Canada. We work to connect people and churches to opportunities, training and resources to help them build bridges to their Muslim neighbours, living out God’s love in word and deed.

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