November 2023

November 12, 2023

To Help you Pray this month for your Local Mosque Community. 

Interviews with those, who after coming to North America, chose to leave Islam to follow Jesus, identified some key common factors that were fruitful in their journey. 

We selected parts of testimonies of believers of Muslim background who shared how those fruitful factors played a significant role in their journey to Jesus. 

Let’s pray that these factors would be active in more Muslims lives!

Fruitful Factor 4 – They had a supra-rational experience 

"...My doubts increased to a point where I felt I needed to express what was going on in my heart with someone... I had a friend who, unlike me, was not doubting his faith, but who was not one to judge. When I confided in him, he told me that he had another friend named Mark who I should talk to - an English teacher from North America...The first time I met Mark, nothing special happened during our meeting. But that night I had a dream that would change the course of my life.  

In my dream, I was in a pitch-dark warehouse. Amid the darkness was a spotlight aimed at the floor. When I ran towards it, it would shift locations so that I could never catch up to it. It felt so real that when I woke up, I was angry with Mark because I was convinced that he had put something in my food the night before to drug me. On his next visit, Mark assured me he did no such thing, but to put me at ease, he encouraged me to not eat or drink anything this time if I was so nervous. I didn’t eat or drink anything.  

That night I had the same dream, as vivid as ever. Only this time someone else was in the dream with me. Instead of chasing the light, I was now transfixed on this man. I tried to see his face, but no matter how hard I tried, the man would turn away. Finally, however, the man did turn to face me. In Arabic, the man looked at me and said “Follow me and do what I say. This road will not be easy for you, but I will always be with you. I will continue to put people around you that will support you as you walk through the good times and the bad.”  

(MBB of Moroccan background) Click HERE to read the full testimony.  



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Loving Muslims Together exists because God’s love, demonstrated through Jesus Christ, is for Muslims. We function as local networks across Canada. We work to connect people and churches to opportunities, training and resources to help them build bridges to their Muslim neighbours, living out God’s love in word and deed.

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