The hope of glory

January 28, 2022

Contemplating how extraordinary and incomprehensible it is that Christ chooses to live in human beings like you and me, I looked up "Christ in you". Of course, Colossians 1:27 appeared. As I read the context, I was blown away by how clearly opposite it is to what Muslims expect from following Islam. 

Let's pray for Muslims according to this very elevated vision God has for them. Read the scripture passages* and speak the prayers aloud.*I've quoted from the Contemporary English Version (bold blue font) because it is expressed so simply. 

Colossians 1:12-22, 26-27
"I pray that you will be grateful to God for letting you have part in what He has promised His people in the kingdom of light. God rescued us from the dark power of Satan and brought us into the kingdom of His dear Son, who forgives our sins and sets us free."

God, we've seen tears of joy and thankfulness running down the faces of Muslims whom You have rescued from darkness and brought into Your eternal Kingdom of Light. May You rescue many, many more, so that their praise and gratitude may overflow along with ours.

"Christ is exactly like God, who cannot be seen. He is the first-born Son, superior to all creation." 
We declare that Muslims WILL SEE the glory of God in the face of Christ (2 Corinthians 4:6). Thank You Father for choosing to reveal Your own perfection through Your perfect Son, born here on earth, confirming that we humans are made in Your image. Holy Spirit, stir up a longing in Muslims to worship the God who is both seated on Heaven's throne and was incarnated in Jesus Christ. 

"Everything was created by Him, everything in heaven and on earth, everything seen and unseen, including all forces and powers, and all rulers and authorities. All things were created by God’s Son, and everything was made for Him."
Oh Lord Jesus, Muslims are so diligent to bow and pray, and many truly fear and strive to please God - but in ignorance concerning who You are. Please reveal Yourself to these worshippers who are calling out, whether in hope or desperation or just plain faithfulness. Show them that You, their Creator, the One who made all things, have  reserved a place in Your heart for them.

"God’s Son was before all else, and by Him everything is held together. He is the head of His body, which is the church. He is the very beginning, the first to be raised from death, so that He would be above all others."

By faith we remove the veils and tear down all entrenched and historical obstacles designed to prevent Muslims from seeing and knowing the truth about Jesus Christ. We declare that He is far above every human prophet:

  • He is the First and the Last
  • He sustains all creation
  • He is the Head over all believers
  • He died and was raised from death to life 

"God Himself was pleased to live fully in His Son. And God was pleased for Him to make peace by sacrificing His blood on the cross, so that all beings in heaven and on earth would be brought back to God."

Father, we acknowledge that it was always Your plan to reveal Yourself on earth through Jesus. Forgive us for thinking that You begrudgingly save us and reluctantly give us life. It is Your pleasure to do so! Give Muslims the joy of Your salvation! Let them know it is Your pleasure to rescue them and bring them into Your bosom!

"You used to be far from God. Your thoughts made you His enemies, and you did evil things. But His Son became a human and died. So God made peace with you, and now He lets you stand in His presence as people who are holy and faultless and innocent...For ages and ages this message was kept secret from everyone, but now it has been explained to [you because God wanted you] to understand His wonderful and glorious mystery. And the mystery is that Christ lives in you, and He is your hope of sharing in God’s glory." 

What a transformative message this is! How opposite this description of God's character and intentions toward humankind to what Islam - and indeed, our culture - teaches. Meditate on these verses, reflecting that once you and I "used to be far from God" and were His enemies. Then pray that this mystery of Christ in us will now be clearly explained to Muslims, perhaps even by the Holy Spirit through you, so that they too can hope in sharing God's glory.

 "[Jesus] received honor and glory from God the Father when the voice came to Him from the Majestic Glory, saying, “This is My Son, whom I love; with Him I am well pleased.” (2 Peter 1:17 NIV)
Jesus, along with the Father, we give honor and glory to You. You do all things well!

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Leslie knows by faith and experience that our heavenly Father puts His prayers in our hearts and then listens to our hearts’ cry as we pray them back to Him. We hear God, and God hears us.

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